Thursday, March 12, 2009


This haiku is about the girl currently sitting next to me in my British literature class.

Her hair is bleached blonde
Late to class and smells like ash
Too many bracelets

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Insert Sponsor Here" Bowl

It is January 1st. New year, new chances, etc. Blah blah blah. January 1st is on everyone's calendar for another reason: Bowl Games. Today is one of the two days (the other being Super Bowl Sunday) where it is culturally acceptable to sit on your ass, drink beer, and generally do nothing. Today is the day you do your country proud. After all, nothing is more 21st century American than sitting on your ass and doing nothing.

If you're not a football fan or generally don't give a shit about sports in general, don't fret. You too can have fun doing nothing today. Just tell whomever you have to report to that you're going to watch Bowl Games and, boom, you have a legitimate excuse to do anything else.

Hell, I just got out of going shopping with the family and I couldn't care less who wins the games.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is both a wonderful and horrifying time of year. It is a time when we give thanks, spend time with our families, and make disparaging remarks about the people who are not present. My Thanksgiving break's high point was not Thanksgiving dinner (Sorry, Mom), nor was it my uncle's attempts to publicly humiliate me at every turn (Sorry, Dave). It was overshadowed by some current developments in my academic and social life.

My transfer application to Towson University was accepted, and I plan on visiting the school in mid-December. I absolutely love the Baltimore/Annapolis/D.C. area. Even if Towson University does not have much of a central campus with beautiful grass, it has something my current institution does not have: life. Things happen around the school. Baltimore is 20 minutes away. That is much better than having a "city" like Greensboro, NC 40 minutes from campus. Whatever Towson has, it must be better than a town with one bar and too many Greek houses.

There is nowhere to go from here but up.